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Topalit window sills are produced using completely innovative technology , which allows us to obtain a product that is unique in its characteristics. The window sill is made by pressing pine and beech chips, as well as polymer resins in a ratio of 70:30 . Almost the entire process takes place under the influence of high temperatures and pressure. The result is a super-dense workpiece with the most successful merging of chip material and special resins. In production, the company uses only high-quality, proven wood. A special approach to production allows us to obtain products that preserve the comfort and best qualities of the wood material. Despite the use of wood, Topalit window sills are characterized by amazing wear resistance and a high degree of moisture resistance . Particularly noteworthy is their thermal stability - they can withstand temperature fluctuations from 50 to +90 degrees without consequences. For such window sills, short-term exposure to very high temperatures - up to 180 °C - is not dangerous.

Withstands temperatures 50...+90°C

An important aspect in favor of Topalit window sills is the variety of structure and decor options , which allows you to use these products almost anywhere. In addition, perfect moisture resistance is an important reason for installation in rooms with high humidity: swimming pools, bathrooms, saunas.

Topalit window sill color scheme

Immunity to mechanical stress and ultraviolet radiation allows you to confidently count on a perfect appearance and durability on an open terrace , in a country cottage, holiday homes, etc.

Multi-stage quality control of source materials makes it possible to install Topalit window sills in kindergartens, medical institutions, schools and other places that have special requirements.

Made in Austria

Of course, Topalit products cannot be compared with ordinary PVC window sills. But for those who have not yet had time to appreciate the first-class Austrian quality, it is worth special attention to the following points:
— It is strictly forbidden to place hot objects on ordinary PVC window sills or install them near heating devices. High-quality dense texture and a special production process of Topalit window sills are a guarantee of maintaining the ideal appearance and other declared qualities, regardless of the area of installation;
— You shouldn’t place heavy vases, figurines and pots with fresh flowers on simple, usually white, window sills. Chips and dents are just a small part of the troubles that can happen to a window sill. The rigidity and protective film of Topalit is a guarantee of maintaining an ideal appearance for many years;
— The Topalit window sill contains certified Austrian wood . At the same time, the base material of ordinary window sills is often far from ideal - some may contain dangerous lead and other heavy metals; when heated, dioxin is released, which significantly limits the scope of application of ordinary window sills;
— The quality of Topalit window sills meets all generally recognized standards, which is confirmed by numerous certificates of conformity. At the same time, there are many counterfeit products on the market in our country, not to mention unscrupulous manufacturers who do not think about the health and safety of their customers. Accordingly, such factories have absolutely no evidence of quality.

100% pressed wood

Our store, being the official representative of the Topalit company, presents window sills of this brand at the most honest prices. You will certainly not be left indifferent by the rich selection of textures - we have 19 types of them and legendary Austrian quality. It is no problem for our specialists to cut any size you need. In addition, they will provide the most prompt delivery and high-quality installation.

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All brand products Topalit, presented in our online store you can Buy with delivery in Kyiv, and Ukraine. Before placing an order, we strongly recommend that you read the full product catalog. You can place your order by phone or through our convenient electronic shopping cart. If you want to personally look at the product “live” — welcome to our office-warehouse, which is located at Academician Krymsky 4a.